STARGATE H2020 project – Workshop on “Remote Sensing and Environmental Modelling”

Workshop on “Remote Sensing and Environmental Modelling”

The workshop “Remote Sensing and Environmental Modelling” (in Latvian “Izaicinājumi un risinājumi viedās lauksaimniecības ieviešanā”) was co-hosted by Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences ( Ginta Majore) and Vidzeme Planning Region, on the 26th of March 2021.

Following the two presentations of the STARGATE project results, a discussion part was devoted to the details of agricultural data collection using the unmanned aerial vehicle or the drone, weather risk management, humidity of soil, and other specific questions of potato growing, risk assessment, and research in this field.


  • Ginta Majore, Andris Lapāns, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Study “Application of Remote Sensing Data for Simulation Modelling: Case Study of Potato Breeding”;
  • Karel Charvat, Czech Centre for Science and Society, WirelessInfo, Plan4all. Study “Experiences with Usage Time Series of Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 from Czech and Latvia”.

Participants of the workshop discussion:

  • Michal Kepka, New Technologies for the Information Society Research Center, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen;
  • Ieva Kalniņa, Ingrīda Augšpole, Anda Liniņa, Aleksandrs Adamovičs (Vidzeme Planning Region);
  • Ilze Dimante, Māra Bleidere (Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics).