Nový e-shop Regionální speciality a COVID INSPIRE Hackathon 2020

Jste z Pošumaví, podmanivého kouta Jižních Čech? Zajímáte se o lokální potraviny od místních farmářů a výrobců zemědělských produktů, o turistický ruch a další lokální aktivity? 🙂Navštivte nedávno spuštěný e-shop regionálních produktů

E-shop byl vyvinut v rámci evropského výzkumného projektu Liverur partnery Úhlava o.p.s. – Klatovy, WirelessInfo a Šumavaprodukt s.r.o.

Chcete se podílet na dalším vylepšování technologií, které mohou pomoci regionálnímu odbytu farmářských produktů? Pojďte s námi vylepšit a propagovat portál Regionálních specialit Šumava a sdílet zkušenosti s dalších regionů. Zapojte se do našeho COVID 19 INSPIRE Hackathonu!

CHALLENGE #2 Atlas of Regional Specialities – anglicky

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Mentors: Petr Horak, Kristyna Cerbova

Problem situations related to Covid-19, such as restrictions or temporary interruptions of work, quarantine, restrictions on the number of people in stores or restrictions on sales time, can lead to a change in shopping habits. The result can be an oversupply of households leading to unequal distribution, a temporary shortage of certain foods, and rising prices.

The challenge proposal aims to eliminate the above-mentioned problem situations by supporting regional primary producers and primary food processors (farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, butchers, etc.), collecting information about their products and making this information and products available to end customers.


One of the possible solutions is to connect regional information about farmers and their available products with various platforms for trading in these products (stone shop, e-shop, purchase from the yard). The Atlas of the Best Practices will be used as the basic technological platform, on the basis of which a pilot prototype of the Atlas of Regional Specialties will be created.

The Atlas of Regional Specialties will present regional information on individual farms, but also on related events and other regional attractions. The Atlas of Regional Specialties will be connected with a local e-shop focused on the sale of regional products – Also other points of sale will be listed within the Atlas of Regional Specialties – especially direct sales from the yard of individual farms, or stone shops with regional products. As part of the implementation, data on individual farms will be collected and updated – for this purpose, a prototype of the web application Atlas Editor will be tested, which enables the acquisition of information records about individual farms. The challenge will use technological elements and procedures based on the H2020 Enabling and Liverur projects.

Main goals of the challenge:

  • How to connect the information base and e-shop
  • Creation of data structure and method of data collection
  • Various forms of promotion of individual farms and their products – links to social networks
  • Involvement of local stakeholders in data collection
  • Creating an extensive database
  • Connection with existing databases
  • Transfer of experience to other regions

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About your mentors

PETR HORAK Education: Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, Forest engineering. SW development experience, mainly web solution for geo-spatial data, GIS specialisation, research, development, testing and exploitation of services and geo-information technologies for spatial data management in the area of natural, technical and social sciences, new development, testing and exploitation of services and technologies for spatial data management in areas of rural development including agriculture and forestry, emergency systems, logistics and public administration, implementation of new communication and navigation technologies. Extensive experience of EC projects (project management, development and implementation): Enabling – Enhance New Approaches in BioBased Local Innovation Networks for Growth (2017 – present), Envirogrids (2009 – 2012), Plan4all (project manager, system developer, 2009 – 2011), EarthlookCZ (co-ordinator of the project, 2007-2009), Collaboration at Rural – C@R (2006 – 2010), AMI4FOR new model for knowledge management in forestry based on integration of principles of ambiente mobile intelligence, new methods of navigation and integration of space imaging (2005 – 2008), MILQ-QC-TOOL the development of predictive models on the Internet for optimisation of heat treatment of raw milk in small and medium-sized dairy companies (2005 – 2007), NATURNET-REDIME New Education and Decision Support Model for Active Behaviour in Sustainable Development Based on Innovative Web Services and Qualitative (2005 – 2007).

KRISTYNA CERBOVA Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. She works now as a communication manager in ROSIE project – Research and responsible innovation (Central Europe). Experience in education, languages, social sciences with a special focus on philosophy, history and archival science (2005-2007 digitalization activities in the National Archives of the Czech Republic). She works for other Plan4all H2020 projects such as LIVERUR or SIEUSOIL focusing mainly on smart agriculture topics.

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