AgriFuture Days 2019

AgriFuture Days 2019 in Villach, Austria – conference and workshop with worldwide participation of experts and stakeholders was organized on 25 and 26 October 2019.

Sarka Horakova from Wirelessinfo and Club of Ossiach introduced several #H2020 EU projects:

SmartAgriHubs – prezentation available HERE

EO4AGRIEUXDATPoliRural H2020 – prezentation available HERE

Conference AgriFuture Days was focused on economic and ecologic solutions based on:

  • emergence/integration of thoughts/ common sense
  • state of the art technology support and
  • new business cooperation models.

Such solution is needed globally, great feedback and long-term know-how transfer is expected for all.

Key Topics include:

  • Technology, cooperation and integration models to support our globe facing existing economic   and ecologic problems.
  • Geomatics technology – daily global satellite images – new integral evaluation models for values regarding benefits and damage as well as emergent knowhow.
  • Nature always has economic benefits that must be countered by a potential danger of ecological damages. This overall model, an integral one, needs to be optimized.
  • Club of Ossiach accelerates the global education and SDCC (SAFER Digital Country Consortium) the cooperation needs.
  • EC projects: SmartAgriHubs, E4AGRI, EUXDAT, POLIRURAL
  • Invitation of 200 Ministries of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, Water, natural Risks, global from all continents to explain emergent solutions for everybody.
  • Invitation of 160 partner organisations from IPCC-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change explaining possible and global solutions against climate change and other environmental problems