COVID-19 INSPIRE Hackathon 2020: Results

After more than two months of hacking, the COVID-19 INSPIRE Hackathon was terminated by a final presentation of results & awards ceremony. The jury members Jovana Vlaskalin (BioSense Institute), Beata Vörösová (CzechInvest), Maris Albers (University of Latvia) and Josef Hnojil (Geobusiness) announced the following winners for the COVID-19 INSPIRE hackathon:

Congratulations to all the winning teams and many thanks for excellent work to all participants! See you in next INSPIRE Hackathon!

You can check the presentation of winning solutions here:

Calculation of agro climatic factors from global climatic data from plan4all

Digitalization of indigenous knowledge in African agriculture for fostering food security from plan4all

Atlas of Best Practice from plan4all

The COVID 19 INSPIRE hackathon is financed by the Smart Agri Hubs Project.