Invitation to contribute to Remote Sensing for Future Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

We would like to invite you to contribute to this Special Issue of the Remote Sensing journal, “Remote Sensing for Future Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture”. There are several reasons behind this special issue. Agriculture comprises a vital economic sector producing food, agro-industrial feedstock, and energy and providing environmental services through managing soil, water, air, and biodiversity holistically. The agri-food chain involves multiple actors and stakeholders that produce and provide food and agricultural commodities to consumers. In addition to farmers, there are farm suppliers, processors, transporters and market intermediaries. These actors make the agri-food chain efficient. Current agriculture is under pressure to produce high quality products with fewer inputs and in smaller areas.

In order to provide solutions to all complex problems related to the agri-food chain, we need to better understand all processes and build an interoperable knowledge management system for each agriculture sector. A key part of such knowledge management systems is data, including remote sensing data. The intention of this Special Issue is to collect ideas on how remote sensing and data derived from remote sensing can help future knowledge management for global food security and better sustainability of agriculture production in varying climatic conditions and how remote sensing can support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal.

There are new systems for Earth monitoring, a number of delivery platforms have been developed, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence are now starting to be used. Remote sensing can bring data and knowledge from the global scale to provide global monitoring, monitor production on a country or regional level, but also monitor field variability. In order to optimally use remote sensing for agriculture, capacity building and training people will become a key part of the entire process.

As the Special Issue looks for innovative methods of applying remote sensing in agriculture at all scales, many different aspects have to be addressed. We hope you find the topic of this Special Issue interesting, and we look forward to your research contributions.

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