Enabling | July’s Press Release

Enabling website hosts its 4 platforms

All platforms and services (Best Practice Atlas, Coaching Activities, Process Flows and BiomassTrade platform) are linked with the corresponding page of the website and therefore the user can visit the co-hosted platforms.

Enabling Project hosts a portfolio of 4 platforms and services on its website; These tools aim to connect different actors and stakeholders of the BBP industry, farmers, and practitioners, enhancing the shift to the circular economy. With open access and availability to all over Europe and beyond, Enabling proposes those physical and virtual spaces as useful tools for the biomass value chain.

Best Practice Atlas
Transferring knowledge and information from different businesses and projects on biomass and sustainability is project’s core mission. Enabling has searched for information and companies that can be source of knowledge and inspiration for potential stakeholders in the bioeconomy. To better illustrate the information collected, a virtual interactive map has been created showing best practices from all over Europe and Israel. Altas is hosting over 100 practices at this moment and keeps growing. Visit Best Practice Atlas

Process Flows Platform
The platform represents data for different feedstock, collected by different regions in 12 countries, and shows the process flows for the different feedstocks. The project partners have collected feedstock availability data for different regions from their country based on the public availability of data at regional level and Celignis has developed the platform for the process flows. The data is divided in two sections: Feedstock availability & Biobased products and Process Flows. Visit Process Flows Platform

Coaching Activities
Enabling Coaching Activities, available through an online simple questionnaire provided hosted in the website, supports biomass producers or the BBP industry for the uptake of emerging best practices and help the applicants figure out more details about the bioeconomy and its component. The applicant has the opportunity to learn more for topics such as the biomass, bio-based products, technologies, laws, and much more. The application is available in 11 languages (Bulgarian, Czech, French, Dutch, English, Italian, German, Greek, Norwegian, Hebrew and French). Visit Coaching Activities

BiomassTrade Platform
The main objective of the BiomassTrade Platform is to create new opportunities and places for biomass producers and the industry. For biomass producers, the BiomassTrade Platform offers a new marketplace that adds value to currently unused biomass residues and by-products that would otherwise be disposed. For bio-based industries, the BiomassTrade Platform displays a tool that helps to acquire new sources for desired biomass feedstock and to increase the radius of possible suppliers. Visit BiomassTrade Platform

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