Enabling | Press Release May 2020

Enabling Project launches its new platform ‘Process Flows’

Enabling Project added a new platform on the website. Process Flows platform represents data for different feedstock, collected by different regions in 12 countries, and shows the process flows for the different feedstocks. Data is divided in two sections: 1. Feedstock availability & 2. Biobased products and Process Flows.
Project partners have collected feedstock availability data for different regions from their country, based on the public availability of data at regional level and Celignis has developed the platform for the process flows.
Click here to visit the platform and find out more.

  1. Feedstock availability
    The platform has a Search section for the Feedstock Availability where the user can choose the country, the region and the feedstock category divided into five categories: Agriculture residues, Agro-industry residues, Aquatic biomass, Forestry residues, Herbaceous crops and Woody crops. For example, in Germany EPC partner has collected data for 14 different German regions. After selecting the elements for Search, the platform presents the data for the different feedstocks and its availability.
  2. Biobased Products and Process flows
    Celignis has developed process flows for biochemicals and biopolymers production from various feedstock based on the composition data collected for the most important feedstock. The user can search for theoretical and practical conversion of 14 different products from sugar rich, starch rich and cellulose rich feedstock. The search also includes the two different Sectors (Biochemicals and Biopolymers) and the Products. The data is being constantly uploaded with the availability of the information.