The SmartAgriHubs Newsletter

It is with great pride that we introduce this fourth and anniversary edition of the SmartAgriHubs magazine to all our partners and subscribers.

In this anniversary issue, you will find out abourt our successes, as well as the lessons we have learned this year. You will also explore the remaining challenges facing us and discover a selection of our Digital Innovation Hubs and Competence Centers involved.

A whole section is dedicated to our Regional Clusters and the work they are doing as part of SmartAgriHubs. Find out what they ahve learned and how they constantly improve their activities. Our SmartAgriHubs Work Packages, the very people leading the project, also reflect on this past year. 

What’s more? We will  update you on the latest news and events. We introduce 5 of our Flagship Innovation Experiments, and explore how not one but 11 other Horizon 2020 projects, all related to the digitalisation of agriculture can connect with SmartAgriHubs.

Enjoy the read!