Enabling Newsletter Issue 5


Biobased Air and Water Drain Systems Current practices often make use of plastic pipes (PE) for draining and/or aerating tree roots. A new solution made with biodegradable components allows draining water and aerating air in the soil surrounding the roots of (young) trees.
ENABLING Workshop at the event „Plastic Free Venice Lagoon“ The Plastic Free – Venice Lagoon, in collaboration with the Italian partners of ENABLING Project (FEDERUNACOMA and ITABIA), I.T.T. G. MONTANI, VERITAS, HIREF, and JONIX, as well as with several environmental associations and national institutions, have organized the Plastic Free Event placed in Venice.

ENABLING Workshop at Capraia Smart Island Last May 2019 Capraia held a unique event in the history of the island; for three days dozens of leading Bioeconomy experts gathered to identify all the possible initiatives to be undertaken in the field of the circular economy. The aim is to create a pilot model of circular economy, a „Lighthouse Project“ for the Mediterranean Areas.

From Problem to Product Representatives from local biomass producers, processors, relevant funding agencies and regional authorities exchanged knowledge and project ideas on bio-economy at an ENABLING workshop in Sogndal on June 12th.

ENABLING Workshop at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv Partner BGBIOM organized the second workshop on ENABLING project on May 28, 2019, in the context of the workshop on the project „Healthy Foods for a Strong Bio-Economy and Quality of Life“.

Boosting the Marketability of Sustainable Bio-based Products Biobridges project was conceived to tackle the key challenge of improving the marketability of bio-based products (BBPs) by fostering close cooperation and partnerships among bio-based industries, brand owners and consumers’ representatives.