Questionnaire – food production and food safety

Dear farmers,
experts of agroFood Indusrty
and all You all who have a share in food production,

Yes, We have on the our table each day – milk, cheese and ham with eggs – the result of your work . Please help us so that we can propose to the European Commission to improve the use of Earth observation (EO) data for the benefit of You and for all us. Our research team consisting of 11 organizations from seven EU countries deals with data of EO for your benefit in the sphere agriculture

Give us 10 minutes of your time and we will try to improve the quality of information for food production and food safety in the near future in the sphere of food production.

Please fill out the line questionnaire: LSclses5 2F4Yes0I_hVvpFMSAjmEk17c9NYXZUpb1xMc8Rd8xw/formResponse

We thank you in advance for completing the questionnaire.

Karel Charvát, Václav Šafář, Miguel Ángel