Dear Colleagues, We would like to inform you about the AgrifutureDays 2018 held on 17th December 2018 in Vienna and apologise for the short term setup due to the quick decision to arrange  it in due course to the EU-Africa forum on 18th Dec. Kindly see the articles of presentation as well as some pics on our homepage: Further we are glad to introduce to you new global possibilities that we discussed with some colleagues. With the Club of Ossiach and the upcomig AgriFuture Days 2019 we focus on education of all the topics concerning SAFER – Sustainable Agriculture Forestry Environment Riskmanagement Club of Ossiach takes part in 3 EC projects EUXDAT, EO4AGRI and POLIRURAL,  , a fourth one is under evaluation. During the next days we will inform via the Austrian trade delegations in more than 100 countries all countries globally about everybody’s existing technologies of all SDCC members and about all participants of CoO that we focus mainly on education process and know how transfer for scientific members, but globally: to train what kind of new technologies are available, who can explain it, what local know how has to be integrated, which products do we need to setup countrywide systems etc. see also info about the new education center “Castle Krastowitz”, a few minutes far from the airport Klagenfurt: We kindly invite all the partners to become members and cooperate also with the new registered club SDCC (SAFER Digital Country Consortium) where we integrated synergetic companies like Subsidy Management for entire countries, Village Management, Cadaster , Animal Ear Marks, Education Software and naturally also all the PROGIS topics like GIS, Farm- Environment-Risk Management. Also new is together with new technology IDIMA (Identification of IMAges) the possibility to evaluate and calculate the amount of damages on the entire globe with daily and global available 1m, 3m or 10m resolution images. The education model will also integrate from our side the possibility how to evaluate the amount of these problems. We invite you to send us feedback if you are interested in further cooperation, e.g. presentation of your know-how at future AFD´s, become member at SDCC, etc. The next AgriFutureDays are scheduled for October 2019. We would like to motivate you

  • to search new members for the CoO to support the whole project and
  • make a more powerful club out of it as we need in SAFER (Sustainable Agriculture Forestry Environment Riskmanagement)  globally powerful partners to solve the existing and future problems in supporting quality of food, water, air, and other natural resources.
  • invite also scientific members from your region to take part and  distribute the attached leaflet for CoO as well as of SDCC club for synergetic products
  • to have a look at our homepage, any ideas are welcome to add on new information for a global readership.

Further information on Progis technologies you can request via


leaflet-coo [PDF, 0.5MB]
leaflet-sdcc [PDF, 0.9MB]