WIRELESSINFO is a member of the new project – Short supply chain Knowledge and Innovation Network

SKIN Group_KoM_14-15 Dec.2016_FoggiaThe kick-off meeting (KoM) of the Project SKIN (Short supply chain Knowledge and Innovation Network) was organized by the Project Coordinator (University of Foggia, Dept. of Economics) and it was held at its premises in Foggia (Italy) on 14-15 December 2016.
The meeting represented an important opportunity for launching the SKIN Project and it was addressed at different practical objectives, such as:
• To meet the project stakeholders and present them the project;
• To Establish team’s confidence and know each other in order to understand about each partner’s contribution;
• To make all members aware about project objectives, procedures, working plans and interaction among Work Packages;
• To discuss about roles and responsibilities, budgets, deliverables and project timeline;
• To present the project management procedures, leadership skills, legal and financial issues;
• To get inputs from the partners;
• To have the first Steering Committee meeting.