Progress of information technologies working with geospatial data is in the ascendancy, especially during recent times. This progress has come about through the digitizing of original data, greater availability of global geospatial information (e.g. satellite images) and also by advanced technical infrastructure enabling the transfer of increasing amounts of data. Despite the strong development, these methods are still at a relatively low level. This slow development is a result of the fragmentation of available data sources. Also there is no possibility to combine data from different sources and create new derived information from them. The data is transferred physically which is more complicated because of incompatible data sources and difficult data updates – data transfer must be done again after every update. Spatial data is very important for decision-making processes in the domain of public services, for example in territorial planning or forest owners support.

The focus of the WIRELESSINFO is new development, testing and exploitation of services and technologies for spatial data management in areas of rural development including agriculture and forestry, emergency systems, logistics and public administration.