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The main project foundations is to develop and implement a specifically designed curriculum for ICTs for agricultural purposes and the knowledge and skills for delivering this curriculum through VET.

The goal is to achieve more successful adoption of specifically developed ICTs for agriculture, that will contribute to the development of the agriculture sector and the rural areas. Considering the important role of the young farming population and the advisors in the agricultural extension for the development of the agriculture, we have put special attention on creating a curriculum for the following target groups: high school students, farmers, advisers and teachers.

Additional aspect that is considered in defining the target group, is involving individuals with special needs. Also, we believe, that ICTs increases the opportunities, for the people with special needs, as well as their employability within the agricultural sector.logos

Project Start Date – 15-09-2018
Project Total Duration – 24 months
Project Coordinator – Canakkale Onsekiz Mart Universitesi


  • Ziraat odasi baskanligi bayramic (TR)
  • Agroinstitut Nitra (SK)
  • AG Futura Technologies (FYROM)
  • ITStudy (HU)

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