LayMan (the Layer Manager) is a tool for publishing geospatial data. It provides an easy to use web interface, that allows you to upload, publish and secure your geodata. Publishing is done through GeoServer, vector data are imported into the PostGIS database before that. Access rights to a particular layer can be configuerd, so only the users with the proper priviliges can display the layer. LayMan is integrated with Liferay portal, and together with the CCSS MapPortal, Micka metadata catalogue and OpenGeo Styler forms a complete solution, where you can upload, import, publish, style, catalogue, search, display and secure your geodata. LayMan is used within PPRD-EAST, Plan4Business, OTN and SDI4Apps EU projects. The application it is possible to test – here   erra-pprd and Whatstheplan   .  You need to register for use.