WIRELESSINFO is the non-profitable Czech association founded in 2003 by the Czech participants on the project Wirelessinfo IST 1999- 21056. WIRELESSINFO is a virtual research village which brings together SMEs, research and industry.

Direct participation of end users in research and development is the main priority of WIRELESSINFO.

WIRELESSINFO also established the first Czech Living Lab – WIRELESSINFO which is the only one Living Lab in the Czech Republic so far.

The Czech Living Lab – WIRELESSINFO represents a research and development environment in which several research institutions, business companies and regional authorities work together in order to develop projects in the area of new technological concepts. The living lab is focused mainly on research and development of new technologies for geo-data providing and exchanging. Development of applications based on collaborative technologies, implementation and integration geo-spatial services and tools into new Open Service Oriented Systems represent the main activities of this living lab not only within EU funded projects, but also in day to day working environments. The target applications are usually formed from collaborative tools – individual and independent components, which should have some of following characteristics – Open Web Services, Collaborative Environments, User Involvement for technical solutions, Technological platform independence, Re-using of existing tools, methods and technologies, De-centralized data sources, Open interfaces. C@R architecture based on the Collaborative Working Environment has been implemented in several use-cases for different branches: forestry, territorial planning and sensors in agriculture.

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